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  • KINGDOM GALAXY HOLDINGS LTD. provides Financial Advisory Services. We specialize in the turn-key solution of investment processes, analysis of investment return, Government advisory services, preparation of investment materials, selection of funding source, and negotiation with banks and other financial institutions.
  • KINGDOM GALAXY HOLDINGS LTD provides oil and other raw materials trading, forming alliances with strategic institutional partners, include state and other reputable institutions.
  • KINGDOM GALAXY HOLDINGS LTD  business revolves around enabling long-term appreciation of its equity investments, either through controlling ownership of a company or strategic minority positions.As a recognized leader and innovator in the investment world, the Chairman of Kingdom Galaxy Group, through almost a full decade, accomplished numerous industry-wide firsts and achievements.
  • KINGDOM GALAXY HOLDINGS LTD  specializes in M&A, acquires industry-leading companies and manages those companies to create long-term value. Together, they have considerable expertise in the evaluation and oversight of companies in a variety of industries, through various economic and business cycles.

It intensifies its competitive edge via

    • Amassing operational experience
    • Extending its strategic alliance
    • Maximizing return on investments
    • Designating a proficient task force

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